GeeGa Turtles Private Limited Company was Started on 08thOctober 2018.

 In 2018, we started Geega Turtles with a vision to make a million homes beautiful. Back then, our catalogue featured just couple of designs. Yet, when our customers shared photographs of their homes, we saw they were remarkably distinct. Different people used the same cutlery, the same flatware sets very differently. This told us something, People want their homes to be unique. We also realized that people are a lot happier creating things rather than they are just buying things.

 We are a creative, imaginative, expressive species and most importantly, our homes are the main canvas we have at our disposal. We are having ample designs of Forks, Spoon, butter knife, coffee spoon, baby spoon, napkin holder, salt and pepper shaker, napkin ring holder, ring holder and many more of your taste. Our motive to spread the high-quality design of Flatware | Silverware | Tableware | Home Décor | Jewelry Organizers | to world in just one click.

We are an online wholesaler and retailer to provide a different range for Home décor & Dining Decor.

We are here to help you create spaces and products that mirror who you are.

At Geega Turtles, we want you to discover the joy of creating customized home and dining decor. Starting with your home, we want you to think of the setting up of a space as an energizing, creative pursuit. To breathe life into empty homes and dining tables with your ideas like, to take an empty space of your table, and transform it into something beautiful. You should feel wonderful to serve your guest and yourself as well.

Founder and Co- Founder:

 Mr. Gaurav Chawla (Founder) and Geetika Sharma (Co-Founder) both of them are engineers by education. And as the saying goes, engineers create best out of everything they come across and the same happens over here. The idea of creating most classic home and dining décor, emerged when they visited there friend store. They wanted to build an iconic brand to promote, sustain and grow the traditional way of manufacturing.

Our Values:

  • Customer Obsession:

We believe that the customers are at the center of whatever we do at GeegaTurtles. We ensure that we provide our valuable customer with the best home and dining décor as well as the right customer solution in all our initiatives. We believe to create a long-term relationship with every customer and aim to delight them in every interaction. We aim to set the global benchmark for customer satisfaction.

  • Honesty & Transparency:

We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy in the way we live our life. We hold the highest standards of corporate governance in all our activities and we communicate transparently with all our stakeholders. When we make mistakes, we are honest and upfront about owning up to them. 

  • Action Orientation:

We have a bias for every action. We empower our teams to take fast and well-informed decisions and continuously iterate and learn from our mistakes. Scale and robustness are built in as we move along with our customers.

  • Stepping Up:

We take charge, go the extra mile, and think differently to find and create the innovative design (for home and dining décor) solutions. Moreover, whenever we are in doubt, we push ourselves harder to solve newer challenges and get better solutions.

  • Efficiency:

We are here to build a long-term sustainable business. We aim to do more with less and focus on zero waste. We believe that a self-sustaining business will be responsible to solve the customer problems in the right manner.

 Designs and Offices:

 Majorly we deal with metal products and enhancing our design and material on Stainless Steel , Aluminium , Brass , Copper , Seashell, Nickel and many more.

Still the question is what makes Geega Turtles unique from other brands?

Therefore, the major USP of Geega Turtles is that, they are specialized into providing customized cutlery products (if orders are in bulk) for their valuable customers.

Our head office is at Kota Rajasthan and Our Base office is at Noida Uttar Pradesh.

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