Live your HOME!

At Geega Turtles, we believe that your home should be your Oasis, the place where you can be you. That’s why we offer products, expertise, and inspiration to help you live your style.

On our site you’ll find designer, vintage, and exclusive home and dining decor in every style—including your own. Our expert designers provide personalized design assistance, in person or remotely, while our blog and social channels are filled with designer tips, and more inspiration. Design professionals who join our (Customized Cutlery Program) not only receive discounts on the bulk orders, but also gets benefit from a dedicated team, helping you to create a classic home and dining decor you love as or passionate about.

 As a process, our top most priority is to understand our customer requirements and their taste in home and dining décor. As our Cutlery designs are deeply rooted with Indian culture and we understand the sensibilities of an Indian dining cutlery whether it’s a Glossy Black Silverware Flatware Set, Silverware Spoons, Golden Silverware Fork, Silver Candle Holder, Red Rose Napkin Rings or Copper Breakfast Set. We provide high quality products which are heat and corrosion resistant as well as we give a lot of importance to size specifications.

Ordering home and dining décor products from us is like; Re-imagine your Home with the classic and elegant design.

We too deliver to your doorstep; the whole process is a delight as there is no time waste.

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