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Trendy Candle Holders Stand for Home Décor


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 Exquisite Candle Holders for the Décor

Candle holders are like small home décor accessories that perfectly complement your home. Set the tone for romantic evenings with the calming glow of candles stood upright in candle holders. Infuse your home décor, office décor, or even wedding décor with the charm and elegance of these candle holders that will bring you a slew of compliments and simply make you happy every time you look
at it.

These can be used as fancy showpieces in boxy corners or table décor to add the much-needed glitz and glamour. With an assortment of finishes and designs, it’s easy to cherry-pick one for both vintage and contemporary décor.  Yes, we offer the best of both worlds. 

These are perfect luxury gifts for housewarming parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate gifting, or any other special occasion. Our candle holders can also add a touch of elegance and drama to the wedding décor. It’s a great deal for wedding planners to choose from our great variety.  

Finishes to Harmonize Your Home

These beautiful candle holders come in a plethora of silver, bronze, and golden finishes. Some of the luxuriousness in our designs is in metal cutwork which is inspired by the Mughal jaalis
style. Metal cutwork surfaces and crystals in the design all help to
bounce light around and create a magical atmosphere in your space. For visual interest, some pieces are textured with contemporary designs and have sturdy metal bases. These pieces are an artisanal candle's splendour that proves to be
timeless elegance for any home décor. 

Pieces that Complement any Corner

Our decorative candle holders are the ideal complement to any vignette or favorite corner
you have in mind. And there's more - place them on your tables to cast a lovely glow throughout the space, or place them outdoor for a touch of romance in your urban paradise. Buy candle holders online from our collection to create a wow factor
to any corner of your house or office. Choose from a variety
of metal finishes to match with the other home decor.

For a romantic touch, place these crystal candle holders on your porch steps, mantels, and windows. With the Geega Turtles collection of exquisite candle holders online, you will get a varietal of classic vintage style, Boho fanciful style, and luxurious style. Our crystal candle holders give a dramatic and luxurious touch to a dining décor. Place these
one-of-a-kind candle holders from Geega Turtles on your coffee or side tables to add an organic yet contemporary touch to the décor.

Exclusivity in Everything We Offer

We are a luxury brand powerhouse with global design sensibilities that inspire a
higher lifestyle. These candle holders are made unique with various finishes, textures, and designs that grab attention and awe. The craftsmanship of these finger ring holders is created wholly by Indian artisans that use traditional techniques passed down through generations. Our artisans use their years of experience and expertise to create these unique pieces of art. These pieces are manufactured using top-rated quality materials for high durability and long-lasting nature.